Current Series


The greatest commandment in the Bible is two-fold: Love God, and love people. We were created to need God and one another. However, in this fallen world, it is easier said than done. What is God's design for relationships, and how can we maintain unity as we do life together? 

Just Say the Word

So often, we desire to know what God says about a specific subject or situation. We search for answers to questions and even resort to Googling "What does God say about ______?" This series will tackle a few tough questions as we discover the answers in the Word of God. 

Family Matters

The American dream has always been the gold standard: a big home, a fancy car, and a perfect marriage and kids. Some attain it, most don't, and none will ever be satisfied by it. This series will talk about building a faith-filled home that blesses the heart of God...a place to call home.


We want to be an 'Irresistible' Church, not necessarily irresistible to people, but rather irresistible to heaven—a church that God can't help but bless. Focused more on who we are than on what we do, this series will provide us with Kingdom principles to build an atmosphere in the church that pleases God and naturally attracts the world around it.

A Year of Favor

This series unpacks what it means for God's people to welcome the Hand of God. What does it mean to have God's favor in our lives in areas of finances, relationships, transitions, and even the wilderness? What is our role and what must we steward so that the Hand of God remains on us? This series will help us live in such a way that we enter into a year of favor. 

Miracles of Christmas

From the conception of John the Baptist to the virgin birth of our Savior, the Christmas story is full of the miraculous amid the mundane. God came wrapped in swaddling clothes, and His presence allows us to continue to unwrap the miraculous in our lives yet today. This series will encourage you to have eyes to see the Miracles of Christmas in your life this season. 

In Christ Alone

It's so easy to get distracted from the simplicity of our faith in a society that esteems self-help and tempts us to find our fulfillment in the things of this world. This series will teach us how to practically learn to look to Jesus and find all we need for life and godliness in Christ alone. 


Is your faith prepared to withstand the storms of life? From the difficulties and stress of daily life to the trauma of loss and grief, circumstances will come that shake our faith, threatening to leave our lives in a pile of rubble after a storm. This series will give us biblical insight and equip us with the truth we need to develop an Unshakeable faith.

Doing Church as a Team

We Believe that “doing church as a team” is God’s design for effective ministry. A Spirit-empowered serving with the willing-hearted involvement of every person is vital to God’s plan being accomplished. Every single one of these messages will equip you to live in victory and walk out your faith in today’s ever-changing world.

Indispensable Life Lessons

God has inspired one book through which He reveals Himself and His ways. As we follow Jesus and obey His Word, He will guide us to His very best for our future and for His glory. This series will unpack a few Indispensable Life Lessons from the Word of God that will equip us to live a life of faith and victory. 

Promises Unwrapped

The greatest gifts in life will not be found under the Christmas tree, but rather in the unfailing promises of God that bring us hope. This series will help you understand how to unwrap the promises of God and apply them to your life throughout this Christmas season.