Current Series

Summer at NHW

This Summer, we will tackle relevant challenges that we all face so that we can deepen our relationships with God and with one another.


Is your faith prepared to withstand the storms of life? From the difficulties and stress of daily life to the trauma of loss and grief, circumstances will come that shake our faith, threatening to leave our lives in a pile of rubble after a storm. This series will give us biblical insight and equip us with the truth we need to develop an Unshakeable faith.

Doing Church as a Team

We Believe that “doing church as a team” is God’s design for effective ministry. A Spirit-empowered serving with the willing-hearted involvement of every person is vital to God’s plan being accomplished. Every single one of these messages will equip you to live in victory and walk out your faith in today’s ever-changing world.

Indispensable Life Lessons

God has inspired one book through which He reveals Himself and His ways. As we follow Jesus and obey His Word, He will guide us to His very best for our future and for His glory. This series will unpack a few Indispensable Life Lessons from the Word of God that will equip us to live a life of faith and victory. 

Promises Unwrapped

The greatest gifts in life will not be found under the Christmas tree, but rather in the unfailing promises of God that bring us hope. This series will help you understand how to unwrap the promises of God and apply them to your life throughout this Christmas season.


Outlasters is a message series designed to encourage you as we look at the lives of biblical mentors in the faith who will equip us with valuable lessons that will help us navigate and outlast challenging circumstances!

Free Weekend Messages

Between sermon series, our teaching team and guest speakers preach timely messages that will encourage and exhort you to grow deeper in your faith and walk with Christ. 

Growing Deep, Growing Strong

Growing Deep, Growing Strong is a message series about the heart and values of New Hope West that will equip you with valuable Biblical lessons to strengthen your relationship with Christ and help you grow deep and strong in your faith! 

When...Giving Hope When Life Hurts

Whether it is when our resources run out, when we want to call it quits, or when a loved one dies, God promises to lead us and give us hope, even when life hurts. This series will tackle some of life’s difficult situations and help us walk with God through the valleys and into His very best for our future.

New Hope Special Services

This playlist includes special services throughout the year at New Hope West: Easter, Christmas, Aloha Sunday, Cowboy Church, Mother's and Father's Day, and special New Hope featured services. 

Divine Appointments

God moves in our lives in various ways, and the sooner we recognize His hand at work, the sooner we can cooperate with Him. Every one of us has an appointment with God. When that appointment does come, the choice is ours as to how we will respond.

Start Here

Start Here, 10 Indispensable Life Lessons, is a series dedicated to unpacking ten core values of New Hope West and the biblical principles upon which New Hope is built. Every single one of these messages will equip you to live in victory and walk out your faith in today’s ever-changing world.

The Arrival

In this mini-series, we will learn valuable lessons from the responses of a few characters in the Christmas story to the arrival of Christ. We pray that these lessons would help you as Jesus faithfully continues to arrive in our lives today; the question is, when He does, what will our response be?