Current Series

Summer at NHW

This Summer, we will tackle relevant challenges that we all face so that we can deepen our relationships with God and with one another.

Uncommon Gifts: Strangely Wrapped

Pain. Desert Seasons. Endurance. These don't sound much like gifts from a good God. However, some of God's best Kingdom gifts come wrapped in struggle paper and a process. God has prepared good and perfect gifts for His children, they are just Uncommon Gifts, Strangely Wrapped.

How Then Shall We Live

In 2020, we find ourselves in a world filled with brokenness, chaos, and confusion. In this series, Pastor Wayne will help us to discern what God is doing in the midst of this current season so that we may know how we, the Church, should live in these unprecedented times. 

Killing Giants

Throughout our lives we will have to face giants. Unlike David, our giants may not be physical but nevertheless, giants of fear, anger, depression, and others can seem like insurmountable enemies of our soul. This series will equip you with wisdom from the Word on overcoming these giants in our lives.