Our Primary Example

by Wayne Cordeiro on November 11, 2022

Happy Friday! It’s November 11, 2022. Today’s devotion will be reminiscent of our kindergarten days as we learned to write. Each of us is still learning to represent Jesus to a needy world, but often, our attempts look more like us … and not much like Him! We need examples of how to do it better. Where are these examples? Read on … 

Today's Reading:

Psalms 122; 1 Corinthians 9,10,11


“Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.”
(1 Corinthians 10:6)


The Bible is so intent on making life simple that it gives us examples of people who lived well … and those who did not, but the greatest example of all is in the Person of Jesus Christ. His life and ways will always remain our primary example. 1 Peter 2:21 lays it out: "To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps." 

The Greek word for "example" in 1 Peter is an educational word: "hupo-grapho." You may recognize the word grapho, meaning a graph or something written. Hupo means "under." 

Do you remember in primary school when the teacher taught penmanship? She would write a word on our paper, and as a student, we would trace right over her word. Then, after repeatedly tracing and studying the teacher's strokes that were now "written under" our handwriting, we would have a better idea of how to write that word on our own.  

Our handwriting was to mimic or look just like the teacher's whose handwriting was under ours.


I must allow Jesus’ example and his life to be the pattern for my life! I don’t want to mimic trendy versions of the Gospel that our society has revised. Instead, I must become a devoted follower of Jesus, whose life is my sole example. I must trace His steps and follow His penmanship by living according to the Word.


Lord, please teach me — help me to know Your Word and trace it with my life until mine looks exactly like Yours! Help me to repeat and re-present YOU until there is less and less of me and more and more of YOU!

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