Fruitful Gardens

by Wayne Cordeiro on March 14, 2023

Happy TUESDAY! Today is March 14, 2023. Did you know that the Holy Spirit is a Gardener? The original of this verse would read: “The fruit …  that is of the Spirit … ” In other words, my heart is the Holy Spirit’s “fruit garden,” and my role is simply to cooperate with what He is trying to grow! Read on … 

Today's Reading:
Deuteronomy 25,26,27; Galatians 5


 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." (Galatians 5:22)


The fruit in the Garden of the Spirit is of a variety available to God's people. Here in Galatians 5, we find that the Spirit of God (not me) is producing fruit. That is His work in me. When I came to Christ, He started His garden and has already begun producing, regardless of what I think! So, my option is to cooperate with or circumvent what He is producing. 


When I said “Yes” to Jesus, the Holy Spirit commenced His work. So, when He knows I need to show love, patience, or self-control, I don’t have to muster it up with my own strength. The Holy Spirit has already been germinating these virtues in me. Since coming to Christ, the Spirit of God has taken over my garden. Now, I must cooperate with the Spirit of God as He produces a loving attitude, a joyful heart, a peaceful countenance, a patient spirit, etc. 


Father, help me to let the Holy Spirit do His work and help me to cooperate rather than a challenge. The fruit in me must be “of the Spirit” and not “of the flesh.” I realize that my heart gets to be His garden, and He is the One producing the fruit. Therefore, I commit to collaborating with Him as He produces what will make my life and ministry …. Fruitful!

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