Crown or Cross?

by Wayne Cordeiro on March 08, 2023

Good morning. It’s Wednesday, March 8, 2023. The truth of God can either be a friend or foe. For the Jews, Jesus could be crowned as a King … or crucified as a criminal. We, too, must make that choice each time we encounter the conviction of the Holy Spirit. So how did the Jews respond? Read on…

Today's Reading:
Deuteronomy 7,8,9; Mark 15


“It was the third hour when they crucified Him. The inscription of the charge against Him read, ‘THE KING OF THE JEWS.’” (Mark 15:25-26)


In the Roman culture of crucifixion, the charges for the crime would be inscribed above the condemned — “murder,” “insurrection,” “desertion,” or “theft.” In this way, those who passed by could see the reason for their execution. Jesus, too, had an inscription. What the Roman court saw as His “crime” was that He was the “King of the Jews.” This description is what incensed the religious leaders. His so-called “rulership” was an affront to their ways, liking, and plans.  

What was His crime? 

Read the inscription …  

“Jesus - King of the Jews.”

They didn’t want His rulership in their lives, so they refused His Lordship. That, to them, was a crime! And for that, they crucified Him.


I remember a man approaching me some years ago. I recognized him as the husband whose wife had sought help due to his explosive anger. He saw me in a store and told me he’d attended New Hope a few times. However, he said that he was never coming back. Innocently, I asked, “Why?”  

“Because when I attend, I feel convicted, and I don’t like that feeling,” he said.

This man had turned honest conviction into a crime! He now saw the very thing that could have saved his marriage as an offense to avoid.  

We still do that today. The offense? People say that Jesus is infringing on their lives. 

In a way, He is! He wants Lordship, and we can either receive that as a compliment or see it as a curse. We will either crown Him or crucify Him… What is your choice?


Jesus, help me to see You as King and Your truth as confirmation. I know that often before Your truth sets me free, it may first make me miserable, but that feeling is simply me coming to grips with reality! May I always present You with a Crown … but never a cross. 

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