Our camp theme is Deeper, and we are challenging campers to grow in their faith and understanding of what it means to grow deeper with Christ. 

Please sign up your children according to the grade they will be in the upcoming school year (2022-2023)


6th grade – 8th grade, June 22-24

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9th – 12th grade, June 27-30

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If you want to invest in the next generation and give toward a camp scholarship, please click the link below and select YOUTH CAMP SCHOLARSHIP FUND in the drop-down menu! 



If you want to invest in the next generation and be a part of our volunteer team during a camp, we are looking for help in the following areas: camp Levites (set up and break down of activities, games, and worship sessions), day trip to the Dunes chaperones, prayer team, and security team. 

Serve at Camp!


When is payment due?

  • There is a $50 deposit due on the day of your registration. The full payment of $200 for Middle School camp or $250 for High School camp is due June 1st, 2022.
  • How do I split up my payments and access the payment portal?
    • You should receive a confirmation email after you have registered, and you will be able to access the payment portal through this confirmation email to make further payments
  • How can I apply for a scholarship?
    • If the cost of camp presents an undue burden on your family, please contact for further information about potential scholarship opportunities.
  • Where do I check-in and check-out my child?
    • Check-in and check-out will be held in the lobby of Stewart Chapel.
  • Can I pick up my child and bring them back?
    • We are operating under a closed campus for the safety of the Campers and Staff. If you must coordinate for your child to leave camp and come back, please contact the Camp Administrator directly.
  • What if my child takes medications?
    • Your child will be able to check in their medications with the Camp Nurse, and work with the Nurse to make sure they are distributed their medications on time and properly.



  • Appropriate clothing for the duration of the camp (T-shirts, shorts, undergarments, socks, sweatshirt, long pants, at least one pair of clothes that can get dirty)
  • WHITE T-shirt that can get stained/dirty
  • Modest bathing suit and/or clothes that can get wet during water games
    • (Ladies, we ask that if you bring a swimsuit for water games that it covers your midriff)
  • Closed-toed shoes, and any other desired footwear.
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, sunscreen, bug spray, feminine items)
  • Towel (for shower, and to dry off after outside activities)​
  • Bedding (sleeping bag, pillow, sheet to cover mattress if desired)​
  • Bible, journal, and pens ​
  • Water bottle, Flashlight


Please don't bring:

  • Any cell phones as we will enforce a No Cell Phone Policy (this also includes video games, iPods, or any electronics in general)
  • Weapons of any kind (Knives, BB Guns, etc.)​
  • Expensive clothing/shoes (camp will be full of outdoor activities that will lead to clothes and shoes possibly getting stained or dirty. Please save your nice clothes for church on Sunday!)
  • Alcohol, Drugs
  • Explosives (Fireworks, Sparklers, Lighters, Etc.)
  • Snacks (We want to be sensitive to allergies!)


Camp store will have snacks and camp merch available at various times throughout camp. If your camper would like to purchase items from the store, they can either bring cash or parents can load money onto their Y+YA Camp Cash Card.