Three Temptations of Every Leader

by Wayne Cordeiro on September 21, 2022

Happy Wednesday! It’s September 21, 2022. Today on our tour, we visited John and Charles Wesley’s home and Charles Spurgeon’s church. These great giants of faith were beset with many critics, controversies, and trials throughout their lives, but they outlasted them all. Every leader will be tempted to quit, get angry, or strike back. Jesus faced these temptations and now desires to guide us when we are faced with the same. Read on …

Today's Reading:

Daniel 7,8; Psalms 137; Luke 4


“If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.” (Luke 4:3)


There are many temptations leaders will face, but from Luke 4, we can gain three main ones.

As we see in verse three, there is the temptation to use your authority for personal gain.

There is also the temptation to leave your original servant calling for world acclaim — to switch allegiances for money, power, and influence. 

“I will give you all this domain and its glory, for it has been handed over to me, and I will give it to whomever I wish …” (Luke 4:6).

Lastly, there will be the temptation to defy God, to see if He’s really there. We will be tempted to use God’s promises as a safety net for personal things.

“If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here, for it is written …” (Luke 4:9, 10). 


When Jesus overcame these temptations, He returned with power (v. 14). 

To be empowered by the Holy Spirit to lead, we must also overcome these temptations. It will require much dying along the way, humbling yourself, and constant vigilance toward fulfilling your calling. 

I must rethink, prioritize, and stay obedient to my call:

  • To pastor and shepherd our church
  • Do church as a team
  • Develop resources to serve the Church
  • Equip and train leaders of excellence and character who all do church as a team


Heavenly Father, help me to rely on Your power and might when I am tempted. Help me to remain faithful to the call You have placed on my life. 

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